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“James Brant is a natural, soul inspiring, passionate artist who’s ability to take a person through a spiritual, healing journey through the vessel of music, is timeless. Can we run on any more…absolutely. He’s genuine and his talents are distinctive and dynamic to his personality.”

– Sherryl Craig, Nashville Music Guide (Mar 30, 2016)

“Folk singer/songwriter and recording artist James Brant has crafted a loose and hazy collection of songs that tickle your imagination and shape your fondest memories into contemporary poetry, songs and melodies that could be passed on like oral tradition – from soul to soul, for endless generations.”

– Ny MaGee, Jaded Culture (Feb 28, 2016)

“James Brant create emotive chamber pop on the meticulous “Strange By Design”. With attention to detail James Brant captures it all from the warm sound of the piano to the taut guitar work, he covers it all. Tying these elements together is is penchant for earnest vocals and articulate lyricism. Like small stories, these songs positively glow with life.”

– Skope Mag (Jan 07, 2016)

“His sincere and easy style is perfect for a little introspection or something to let bounce around in your head for its own sake. The record can run as shallow or deep as you need. No small feat.”

– Stephen Chow, Scallywag Magazine (Jan 08, 2016)

“Brant has a wonderfully sunny, if only a little melancholic, disposition, making for some of the most aesthetically pleasing folk music in a long time.”

– Cody Conard, The Big Takeover (Jan 11, 2016)