September 28, 2016

Fall is in the air once more …

Good morning, fine folk!
Fall is upon us and with fall arrives change. For me this usually means finishing unfinished projects around the abode. But with this fall there is more — I plan to complete a bunch of unfinished music.
My plan at the moment is to release an ever evolving E.P. (which could turn into a full length) one song at a time. When it comes to recording and releasing music, being a self funded artist is tough. It’s always perplexes me that an art form as simple and pure as music costs so much to capture and release into the wild. So for this reason I will be doing a digital only release of the project. The plus side of this is that you won’t have to wait until I’m done with the entire project before getting your hands on some new music. The downside is that I was planning on to put a close up of my face on the cover. So you won’t be able to take that physical copy home, hang it on your wall, and have my ultra-cool and hip face help you fall asleep at night.
That’s enough for now . . . . . we will talk soon.

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